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Fay-Sa's  My Little Pony Commission Chart by Fay-Sa Fay-Sa's  My Little Pony Commission Chart by Fay-Sa
Original drawing: [link]

Fay-Sa's My Little Pony Commission Chart

$1 per pony ( sketch lines can be colored in Sai free of charge)

$3 for 1st pony/ $1 per additional pony

Flat Color:
$5 for 1st pont/ $2 per additional pony

Shade Color/No Background:
$8 for 1st pony/$3 per additional pony

Background: $1-$5+ depending on detail. Background includes any animals such as the characters pets. Backgrounds for the most part are my weakness point so please try to keep them simple

Small(any size smaller than A4): No additional charge
Medium(A4): $1
Large(Between A4 - 13X9 in) $2
Large+(over 13X9 in): $3+

If you want additional copies:
Small : $1 each
Medium : $2 each
Large: $3 each
Large +: $4 each

S/H: Will discuss when commission is approved but should be no more than $5. If paying via gift card S/H is free.

I will draw
Non-pony characters/original characters and ponyfiy them for no extra cost
I'm okay with drawing any ships but it has to be G rated.

I will not do any:
Humanized ponies. Human commission use a different chart.

How to submit a show character commission
1)Just who you want me to draw and what their doing. Please remember to keep it G

How to submit a OC commission

1)Send me a reference sheet of your OC if you have one. If not please explain in detail what your OC looks like.

2)Only if your getting a colored commission and/or do not have a colored reference sheet, otherwise skip this step. Please send a basic color chart for your character, this means mane/tail, eyes, coat, cutie mark(if needed), and additional items such as cloths and accessories(if needed). This is your pony and I want to make sure he/she looks the way you want him/her to look.

General information:
- If you would like a commission please send me a PM or a email to Make sure you give me the username you use on the site or real name so I can keep track.

- Please wait for me to accept your commission.

- Don't ask constantly how far I am with your owed art. I will notify you if there are some problems which will lead to delay of your commission.

- The commissioner will receives a full picture of the rough sketch for approval. I won't continue the commission in till it is approved. Once it's approved you can not change the character's pose. You can however still change the background if I haven't started on it yet.

- Only if your want a background. Please describe what you want or what place you want the characters to be (i.e. Sugar Cube Conner, CloudsDale, Canterlot, ect..) As mentioned above I won't do any grimdark so no Sugar Cub Conner basement or Rainbow know which ones I'm talking about.

- Once the commission is finished I will send you a notice to send the payment. Once it confirmed you have sent the payment via one of the methods mention below I will send your commission with a tracking number. At this time I will require your mailing address.

- Payment: Cash/Check via mail (at risk!) or Paypal. I also accept the amount of the commission in gift cards for rightstuf, amazon, ect..if you don't have a Paypal account and don't like the actual idea of sending a cash or check you can talk to me about sending a gift card instead, just means I can spend it on stuff I actually want while the rest goes to bills and if you choose to pay via gift card shipping and handling is free. I will not accept points.

- Any questions just PM me or email me at

Thanks for checking out my work. Hope to hear from you soon!
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
nice info update here. :)
Fay-Sa Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
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